Wow May, reading your story was like reading my own.I went through a similar time when my girls were born, we are 16 years on now…my husband stopped going to GA, was cured, not to be im afraid. My children caught him this time after he borrowed £2000 of my eldest daughters inheritence, they delved into online history and all they found were gambling and loan sites. We now find ourselves in indescribable debt,but worse than that my rock is a small pile of sand, I have battled depression over the last 6 years and my husband has always the person I have lent on…now hes gone. We are together right now for the girls but I am experiencing the anger phase of this process. Hes back at GA and getting support from me and our family, but giving me nothing on return…is that selfish? GA is essential to their recovery, I just wish me and my girls were enough to help him recover…..so would love to offer my support to you as we travel this awful road..