crescent lee

Thank you for replying. Your thoughts are very insightful. I especially found help in your statement about a compulsive gamber turning their life around. You wrote: …eventually understand is that they have to reach this decision for themselves and to get to that they seem to have to be totally sick of the consequences to their own actions. I believe this to have a different meaning from the ‘hitting bottom’ that I always thought was necessary. I do love my sister and I do hate what this addiction has done to her.
I took your advice and decided that the world would not fall apart if I told one person that she is particularly close to – one of the very few that she speaks with these days. It should be fine because she’s a very caring friend who only wants the best for my sister – she has been concerned because of the lack of communication between them. Hopefully, she can be the support and encouragement she *****. Also, quite frankly, I didn’t want her to enable my sister unwittingly.
Incidently, I saw a thread in the other forum for Family and Friends that address this issue of ‘whether to tell or not’.
Thanks again,