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Vera, you have a way with words and I love to read anything and everything you write.  I also do things to extreme because I never get the satisfaction I’m wanting. A bag of cookies, a whole pizza, 12 hours of gambling or any other self indulgent activity and my soul feels even emptier than before.
 Mom still gambles with her friends but I think she is cutting back.  I’ve had my slips and binges with gambling but I’m doing so much better than a few years ago.  Vera, you were my inspiration as you had months and months and months without gambling.  You can do it again.  I can understand how some extra money is an excuse to visit the casinos…that’s exactly why I came here for your support.  Hope that doesn’t sound selfish because I want to support you too! Have you heard from Marilee?  I hope she is still doing good.
I think all us gamblers should pool our money, develop and patent the idea and get rich from the casinos instead of the other way around. Although, the casinos might not be profitable for long if everyone who ‘couldn’t stay away’ was forced to stay away. I know I’d purchase a sensor for the peace of mind knowing I couldn’t even enter a casino.  Just think what we could do and plan for our lives if we knew there was no way that we could gamble for a year, 5 years or the rest of our lives! Vera, am I still just a dreamer?
Geordie, I’ve never smoked cannibus but I sure don’t need another ‘problem’. lol.  If you try ‘weed therapy’, hope it works!
Vera, 1 easy June day done. Let’s do it again tomorrow.
 If you want to know your past; look into your present conditions.If you want to know your future; look into your present actions.~Roy Mathews