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Vera god works in mysterious ways dont you know! 
I’ve been thinking about you today and I want to ask to satisfy my own curiosity but on easter sunday then this last weekend how were you able to get your hands on so much money, in other words where’s your awareness gone to?  Access to money like that is a no no for us, as you know know. I’m pleased your mates turned up in answer to your prayers and your monthly pact is great but as you know just to get through today is a blessing. One day at a time Vera simple as that. Self honesty and awareness will be back before you know it.
Not trying to teach my granny to suck eggs, but Mrs. you should know better!!
I really really hope its in the past for you Vera.
Take care.   Geordie.
I dont gamble.
PS. I would definatley send them a letter to their head offices. I wrote to Grovesnor and Stanley casinos when I gambled after coming out of jail in 2006 and said I had been to prison through gambling. They both excluded me for life and I know the ban is still in place, because I tried to get in to a casino from both companies earlier in the year, Grovesnor said they would never consider lifting my ban, Stanley said I would have to supply documentry evidence that I was sane! And I think my telegram from the ***** will be here before anybody would put that in writing!
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