Hi Dear Nik
In view of your post my thought for today must be for those who read and seldom post but for whom I care very much and hope that this forum brings support and happiness.
I haven’t brought your thread back up because I’m not sure you want it.  You have raised a question though for which I have 1 million and 1 things to say – well what did you expect?  (I also never exaggerate!). Unfortunately I am off to Skye on Friday for 2 weeks and so my time is limited.
I would imagine you have major trust problems with MIL as well. I think we expect our own *** to help but she has given sanctuary to a man who, in my view, should have been pushed out to come to terms with his addiction and control it for the sake of his wife from the very beginning.
I hope that your post gets picked up because I know at least one person who will offer thoughts and understanding. 
Is Hubbie still gambling on Saturdays in the belief he can do it responsibly?    Certainly as long as that continues I think trust will remain an issue because it can easily become full blown again as his head will be in gamble **** at least once a week. Dry gambling is just as bad because the traits are the same and I know you cannot live with them.
I will try and write again before I go but I am pushed and I am so sorry. You are right though telepathy is my secret weapon and I know that you will still be reading when I get back. Why not pop into the group on Monday night – we have a new facilitator and she is top class and I understand that cyber cocktails will be poured non-stop which is great because there are no headaches afterwards.
I will speak soon but in the meantime it was great to see you pop up
Loads of Love
V ************************