reformed lol sorry couldn’t not honestly think of better head is fuzzled,jenny living in control of the addiction is a dam site better than living with it and that is fantastic and i sincerely hope and pray he stays away as with yourself velvet,brilliant makes me so re***ved that there is some hope for CG the real test is tomorrow when he gets paid we will see how he does his week as im not proud nor happy to see him this way but ive asked him to hand me the keys of the house and asked him to leave,ive no doubt the man will prob go and gamble im honestly not expecting 100percent but i have supp***d him info of meetings in our town and a number of a man to which is an addiction counselor ive made a stand i will support him 1000 percent if i see and feel him wanting and willing to change….. so we will see can i just ask you both also my husband since xmas has gotten really bad and at the beginning of march there was a pact made amongst our closest friends and family that he quit this **** and work with himself and get help etc and honest to god may he cut my tongue if i *** i could actually feel him trying so so hard but then 3 weeks ago here we go again omg it was like a lump in the pit of my stomach i can actually feel when there is wrong in the house ????? strange or just womans instict!!!!!!! love and light to you both **************