dear velvet
a thanks so so much for your post and yes it is hard writing the first 1 as there is so much to say……and learning about this addiction i think will give me strength to see this family through not sure where to start but ill give it a lash i do feel at the moment that he doesn’t deserve the time of day for the way he has left me and my girl but god love him i hate his addiction not him….. velvet as many on here might also agree its not the money or the time spent Away its the bare face lies and having to go and find out for myself exactly what’s going on he has turned in to a very tactful man through this and can seem to play me like a fiddle ive asked him to leave on monday for the third time in the last 6months i had honestly no choice but never the less i am here willing to educate myself in to this world of addiction as i know theres more to it than meets the eye
thanks so much again for your reply ans also to jenny the site is honestly wonderful