dear velvet
you r truely brilliant and jenny omg thanks so so much ive fell victim to many ***** velvet to all the empty threats but this time i mean it…. i am done being manipulated its time for me now to take control of my emotions and be strong as ive always thought my husband was the strong 1 and would always be strong but he is in a state of mind now that only himself can help but my actions will also play a huge role as if im just going to shout the odds off everytime i get the chance he will never listen its so weird and as jenny pointed out its hard to support them without wupporting their addiction!!!! very very good advice given to me already and are in practice as we speak i cant continue like this as if i do ill end up having a heart attack with all the stress and lies cant handle it im usually a hot headed woman but it has to change!!!! velvet how is your husband doing is he reformed jenny how is your husband is he reformed??? xxxxx