Hi Sarah
We are not married but have been together for around 7 years if you take out the gaps, after a stint in rehab for the second time we decided to give it another go but we still live separately, we did live together at one stage. He has not gambled (as far as I am aware !!) for 8mths I think and has done really well.Its day by day for us and very early days in recovery. 
Having said that it is still tough at ***** and I personally have been surprised at how recovery brings about a different set of issues it certainly isn’t all ‘bells and whistles’. Damage done does not go away over night, and the past can jump up and bite, but we are prepared to work at it.
You made me smile by asking if he was "reformed" and I can’t answer you really except to say I think he’s a ‘work in progress’ and is always likely to be – but aren’t we all. The point to me is that he is trying.
 We see things not as they are, but through how we are today x