Dear Muckalow
Welcome to the forums. I am doing Ok and although this is a forum for gambling issues and yes there is often sadness, anger and despair flying around there are also some brilliant examples of people who have gone on to live in control of their addictions, rebuild relaitionships and be happy – so have a read and see that all is not lost as yet.
If your husband has this addiction it is he that ***** to really want to seek help, we can point in the right direction but frustratingly we cannot do it for them as i’m sure we would have all done it by now. Anger is understandable especially when faced with the barrage of lies that go hand in hand with the addiction and fuelled or driven by the terrible fear of what will happen next, can we cope financially etc etc. Anger will burn you out and can get in the way of your rational thought, I suspect that at the moment you are the only one there capable of rational thought.
There are things you can do, which can help you in the short term if you are able like taking control of the family finances, removing his name from accounts, changing numbers and taking control of paying bills etc protection for you and barriers for him if he wants to stop. Looking after you is a phrase you will often hear around here and although it initially seems not to do this problem justice in a way, it really is a good way forward for you and also your child, it is about not allowing this addiction to control your day, your thoughts, in the way that it controls your husbands
I don’t have much time to add anything else at the moment as i am skiving work !! i’m sure you will soon get loads of replies from other people but in the mean time the more you can learn the more it will help you, read as much as you can, I hope you will gain as much as I did from finding this site
 We see things not as they are, but through how we are today x