m babz

Hi lost, I’m new so probably shouldn’t be giving u advice but I want you to know that what I’ve read in this post makes me think that you must be an amazing and strong person. There are many people who would love step children that truly want to be with them so you must be Doing something right if you have two teenage girls onside. You Should just be upfront and say to them would you do the dishes and you take out the rubbish ( or whatever chores you need them to do) they are young and probably think you enjoy mothering them or don’t want to get in your way. Perhaps they see their time with you as relaxation time. I don’t know your situation but as you say you have a good relationship I am sure they do not mean to hurt you. Perhaps you should stop running after them and let your husband do it to see its not all sunshine in your world? I hope you dont have too stressful a weekend. X