Thank you for your replies, i’m doing well, had a great weekend with the boys leaving not a lot of time to dwell really on all things negative. I guess I missed him a little but I think that’s more because of the amount of time I used in a day on that relaitionship, when its not there any more it leaves a gap. Sadly it is not because I am missing anything else about it, least not the lies and the distrust. I have way too much going on to keep my mind busy as usual so any moments of madness have been just that – madness.
Looby, I think some people just never get it i’m afraid but I take my hat off to those that do, who knows there is hope for him yet but it will be his hope and not mine. I guess I would hope for him but not hope for us, its time for me to leave all that behind now.
So all in all things remain good and positive, loads to do, no tears and a future to plan – I will be busy !! or busier I should say, but a lot less stressed already
Jenny xWe see things not as they are, but through how we are today x