Hi Jenny,
I’m so sorry that things have not worked out for you either.  You sound very strong in your posts though – for that I am glad and it inspires me as well.
I appreciate your post on my thread and your well wishes.  You made me laugh when you said…"except a further future of misery and false hopes and promises, lies and deception (sorry was going on a bit there)" (*hugs*)…it’s so true and when I look at it with the logical part of my brain that is not my heart which is still sadly attached – it seems ludicrous to me to have made any other decision for myself right now.  That is not to say I don’t have moments of ‘madness’, as you mentioned above, which for me right now look like thinking about calling him – aggggg!!  NO NO NO.  I will be sticking around for at least sometime longer as I still need support – my emotions are all over the place and my brain can still get kinked up as you can see by my madness moment above…and also to hopefully offer some measure of support to others that I just haven’t really felt up to in these past months as I mostly felt helpless myself.
I too have hope for him – it seems impossible not to have that for someone you love so much – that he really will see the light – although for how many ***** I have heard that he has ‘seen the light’ and how bright it was this time – it’s a wonder we both aren’t flippin’ light blind by now.
Here’s to many more happy stress free days!