Hi Jenny,
I think now you can really move on as you have done everything you could. You bent backwards for him, you supported him and trusted him again and now with the door shut you can live the life you desire. No more worries, no more wondering what he is doing, no more paranoia and shameless threats. Of course, this was not how you wanted things to end but now that it has there are really no regrets on your part. We all want that happy ending, saving the relationship we are in, but some ***** happy endings are when we walk away from an unhealthy relationship. Whether the person is a cg or not, if they continue to do things that are not acceptable and hurtful and deceitful why should we stay?
I believe it is inevitable to fall out of live with someone when they keep repeating the same things the same wrongs, the heartache and disappointment we feels, somehow claims a piece of love and soon the love and respect is gone. We actually can’t go back, we can’t get that love back. 
As Velvet has mentioned, my father is the example of one who never seeked recovery and there are millions of him out there. Many who continue to live with the addiction, listening to its demands, conning and deceiving family and friends, not caring that their last dollar will go on a bet instead for a piece of candy for their child, their only life line is the addiction. 
Hope you are enjoying your days with your sons and friends, laughing and doing things that you love. Reading a good book, going for walks, or a jog and most importantly being happy, and being free from worries. You deserve it! Life is way to short to settle for anything else. 
 (I believe we get our greatest strength from the hardest obstacles)