***** wonderful people,
I didnt realise I hadnt updated for such a long time and found myself on page 5!! All is still going well in the Buckle household, living with a gamble free husband.
Unfortunately his mother has had a C diagnosis and although he was staying back here with me more and more this has made him realise that she too ***** space having her treatment and here he is!!! He has been staying there midweek as he has been a regular at GA and this is more local to his mothers and also when he has been playing darts although the last couple of weeks he has been coming home, albeit past my bed time and I have to admit to going to the station to collect him in my jim jams being the classy wife I am!! He is a loving, funny person with a wicked sense of humour which was masked by the gambling sooo much. He is enjoying life….
I had entered a 100km walk in May but unfortunately my walking buddy is now not able to do it and I have roped him into doing this with me so there may be a divorce in June for other reasons other than gambling!!!! He is taking the training schedule more seriously than I was and he has now come up with a plan. I have to say my stomach sank when he said those words as he had loads of "plans" previously linked to bizarre money ideas. He is talking about forfeiting the GA until the walk as the schedule says we have to train Tues, Wed and Thurs, so he is thinking that WE(yes together!) undertake training together that night inthe form of badminton. ( The kids are out Wed night so I also do not need to worry about them) I already do boot camp on a Tuesday and Thursday. He has said that GA lately has p’d him off a bit as his focus is now totally elsewhere, ie his mum, and gambling is the last thing on his mind and, get this, listening to people who dont want to change and are playing lip service, is not his concern at present. A bit selfish of him as he was helped immensely. Exercise does help him keep his focus and work off his woes, especially with work stresses. He knows he can always meet his mentor and he is in regular contact with a couple in the group. Life is never straight forward is it!!!
Take care