Thank you all for your insight, I am learning more and more about my husbands gambling problem and hopefully that will help me be strong as now he has decided that he ISN’T a compulsive gambler!!! He has convinced himself that he can stay in control and just gamble occasionally. Forgive me if I’m not buying that one! He placed yet another bet and promptly lost ( I was secretly thrilled he lost cause I feel like winning just encourages him) and now claims he won’t bet again for 2 weeks (our next payday). Problem is since then he has been even more distant than before, I keep trying to communicate with him but he’s very short. All i can do is try, right?!
Meanwhile, I have refused to put any $ in the debit account in a feeble attempt to protect our finances. And Velvet… I took your advice and went out with some friends for dinner. I know that sounds simple but it was something I haven’t done for a long time because we didn’t have the $ or because I was preoccupied with all the problems at home! It felt good, and I had do much fun! It was nice to step away from my husbands addiction and the grip it’s had over me for so long! Today I think the kids and I will have a play date, they are young (2yrs, 3yrs and newborn) but I’m know they could use to get out and have some fun!
Now… My husband just ***** to find his way… Any advice? How can I help him get there?