I just signed up to this site today.  I am a compulsive gambler like your husband.  Today is my first day that I am trying to stop.  I don’t have the outward anger like your husband but I can share with you some of the feelings I have because your husband probably has some of these same feelings, and it the way he shows it to you and the kids, is through anger. I have the urge to gamble every day  and it consumes me.  I am also embarrased for all the things I have done due to gambling, and also ashamed. I also feel less of a man and weak because I wasn’t in control, and have the feeling that I let down the people closest to me.  Your husband may be feeling the some of the same feelings.  Try to be support and not judgmental even though I am sure you are furious with him.  If you haven’t, take control of ALL the finances.  Gambling is just as bad as any other addiction, its just not out there as much and still sort of taboo.  The anxiety and stress it causes and the constant weight you feel with all the pressure of hiding the addiction and losing money is almost too much to take at *****. Best of luck for both you, your husband, and the kids!
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