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Hey Bettie,
I’m just stopping by to say Hi.
I’m glad things are good with you. It sounds like with your sponsor and GA and homework and things your gambling is well and truly ‘arrested’ at the moment. I’m also glad your taking the chance to ‘work on your recovery’. Good stuff.
I have a counsellor and have GA too. Its cool. It kind of makes you think about different things about yourself and maybe get in touch with reality. No matter how harsh it may be.
You have a bad back huh? That sucks. Work sounds difficult aswell for you. I hope you work it out and find what makes you happy or at least find a balance.
I have a job interview on Monday for a new job. I don’t really know what to think about it! I want and need to get back to work though. It will be healthy for me. Hopefully I can still make progress on my happiness, desires and mental health even if the job isn’t all that I want it to be. I’ll just have to try and take each work day as it comes and ‘fit myself  to it’ and not get too stressed. If I get the job that is!
Bye Bettie.