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Hi Guys,
Well I’m finally home. Went to physical therapy and it was OK, I haven;t been since before the snow storm. Picked up my daughter and went to dinner. What ever calories I burned I’m sure I made up for them. My friend called and I went to see him. Mistake. I feel empty, used, sad, upset. I’m like a kid playing with matches. This almost feels a bit like  gambling hangover. Not good.
I will be dog sitting until Monday. Jen is driving to Georgia, much to my dismay, to go to her friends funeral. I hate that she will be driving this time of the year, you just never know about the weather.
I won’t be around much to chat as she has no Internet connection so please don’t think I’ve gone missing if you don’t see me. 6 months clean on the 18th, I have no plan to loose that.