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Hi Guys!
Thanks for all the good chats this weekend! Life savers, all of U!
I am so tired I could puke! LOL!
I saw my (ex) gambling buddy. I told her about the exclusion. She said, "Girl if I had known you were going to do that I would have gone with and done it too!" I almost dropped to the floor! I just wasn’t prepaired for that! She is happy because she said if I don’t go, she won’t go and she promised not to ask or go with me to any other Casino, period!
She doesn’t think she is a CG but that is her judgement call, not mine. she is happy for me and thinks this may be just what i need to turn things around. I went to her house and we went to Indiana to SHOP! That was a first! LOL!
After that I saw my friend J and she made dinner and ragged at me about GA and how I was going to gamble again if I didn’t get to a meeting ASAP! I told her slow down, this banning was enough for now and now I do have some barriers and people to reach out to. She is kind of ticking me off but her intentions are good.
Fought with my daughter on the phone over $$. She begged me for my last dollar, which I gave her, no lunch $$ for me this week, and no lunch food in the house! I will have to resort to the freezer, we have a microwaive at work. She doesn’t know why she has to suffer for my mistakes. ( I owe her $650, which I was to pay back to a friend she owes. ) She is telling me about all these things she had to pay but i can do the math. What the H*ll is she doing with all the extra $$ she has had in the last 9 months?????
To bed soon, Hopt to be on chat tomorrow, 9pm I think, here.
bettieIt’s one thing to know where you want to go-it’s another thing entirely to have the Wisdom to get there….Looking for the Wisdom