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… Well, thats my take on it …
Good morning Bettie, Happy Mardi Gras to a friend with real benefits.The purple, green, and gold associated with Mardi Gras represent, Justice, Faith, and Power respectfully. I point this out because we in recovery use the same values of these ideals to reach our goal. A lot of us use GA as a guideline to help, its program or philosophy is one that works; but for myself I do not share in it being the only way — the values of the MG banner express much of the same principles, but with fewer words. However, just as the PGG lacks words, the phrase in itself also lacks organization and consistency for all.  GA provides this needed organization and consistency, true I also find them to be protective in their beliefs and quite reluctant to recognize any other views; but I also find that "it works if your work it, it wont if you don’t. The other programs that I have looked into (I have not actually tried them) seem to share in the same principles of GA except for the lifetime commitment and the constant reminder that we are CGs each time we introduce ourselves as such. For me I do not find this to be a problem and even use it in my first time introductions to new members here. Another difference is that I find most of them, especially the ones ran by an individual or self-servicing organization, tend to down GA and its program; whereas GA merely stays mute about other programs without trying to degrade them — maybe to a fault, but if they sent disgruntled members off to another program, people would just bounce around until they found one that agreed to their failed ways, and not a way that works.  "Principles before personalities" is another GA philosophy that works — it if is practiced by our "Trusted Servants and Sponsors" — I feel that some are so busy trying to promote the 12 Steps of Recovery that they forget the Unity Steps.All this said, I will close my early morning "conversation" with you, (I got up too early and your post brought out my thinking about my take of GA) — I will also point out here that if I did not practice another of the GA principles in my following the suggestions of their program, I do not think that I would be as committed to going to meetings as I am; that expanded principle is, "of our own understanding", use of this qualifier helps me overlook the things that I may be at odds with while still believing in the concept. My use of this principle in some of the GA suggestions is also a reason that I have only had a temporary sponsor, one that has to hide from the gambling world and can not condone me going to the casino buss stop every week so that I can see my family — after all, everyone knows that we should not "go in or near gambling establishments", least we be doomed. I feel that I may be ready for a sponsor now, but in the past I did not want the personal confrontation or challenge to others feelings. And strangely enough, I also feel that I could be a sponsor to someone now, even without having one for myself. (I discussed this at the conference I attended last week, and was surprised that a few did this themselves — I guess that I am not such a rough after all.)Below is a copy of an email Ken L sent the other day on GA sponsors, maybe your group does not fit into the characterizations of the members addresses there, but unfortunately that is where the individually takes over; the same individuality that you feel you are being admonished for.  God’s speed. Stay strong. Stay true to "your" recovery and yourself; but don’t give up the use of a support program.
Today’s thought from Hazelden is:

The art of life is to show your hand.
–C.V. Lucas


I’ve been thinking about talking to another sponsor. Not to replace you – our relationship is important to me, and I get a lot from it – but in addition to you.


We’re lucky to have such an abundance of sober experience in this fellowship. There are many of us, and we can get to know people with various lengths of time in recovery, different experiences, and different styles. Knowing others and having the willingness to let others know us is one of the keys to growing in recovery.

I support your wanting to enlarge your support system by taking on a second sponsor. There may be someone, for example, with whom you want to focus on spiritual matters.

Your expressing your desire for additional sponsorship gives us an opportunity to take a look at our own relationship. You may think that I won’t be able to understand a particular issue that’s troubling you. You may be worried about how much you’ve already shared with me – many of us in this fellowship are new to letting others get close, and we may feel anxious about it. Problems with relationships are often at the heart of problems of addiction. Whatever it is, I’m open to hearing about it, and I won’t criticize your feelings or walk away. I’ve been there myself. Thank you for being willing to talk with me about your needs and plans.

Today, I am willing to be honest and open with a trusted person. 
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Thanks to my Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT,  "Day Two Is Another Day Behind" and with the help from all , I will continue to remain gambling free.– 3/8/2011 1:21:44 PM: post edited by paul315.