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Hi Bettie, God does have a great plan for all of us, I do believe this.  You are worthy of love and you deserve it!!! Stop being soo hard on yourself, we women always seem to do that.  I see your good qualities, and you have many of them.  You just need to see it also.  I don’t know what to say about your job.  I always said I took a early retirement to help with my Grandson, but there is more to the story.  After working over 25 years for the same company, I knew I would never go into supervision (although that was the way to earn more money).  The things they had to do to keep their jobs and advance.  Being mean and rude to other employees, and lying.  I never knew people could be soo ruthless.  I finally had enough one day, and when the company offered early outs (to save money), I jumped on it.  Honestly, It was the best thing for me.  I wished you could find another position in another company. You don’t need all that stress and ungratefulness.  Hope you have something fun planned this weekend.  Have a good one!! Seize all the good things in life