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Hi Bettie! I know that GA is a wonderful program that helps many, many people. That’s not to say that there are not people in certain GA groups that demonstrate non-supportive behaviors towards others, and that actually harm the person in recovery. And I also know that in some groups, if a person challenges these non-supportive/abusive words, then it’s because you’re not working your recovery the GA way. Sometimes we need to hear what is being said, but other times it’s abuse, plain and simple. And if you say anything, you’re accused of being rebellious and not working your recovery. Only you can decide which it is, but I totally disagree with this individual’s OPINION. Keep up the awesome work in your recovery Bettie! I know that you are an inspiration to many people on this site, and they look up to you on how you have managed and grown in your recovery. I still wish I had been in that group that night. Of course we’re going to defend you, we love you as brothers and sisters in recovery. Carole