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Hey guys,
Well I am just beat! Yea Laura, I worked and we were very busy. I stopped briefly to see my friend, he is still weak but better. He got real emotional when we talked, I just told him it was OK-you have every right to feel like you feel-but it is so hard to see a man cry because being men that is a really hard thing for them to do. I told him I spent lots of time on the farm and in farm houses and nothing really surprises me. I told him my brother cleaned the bathroom and he said he needed hazard pay for doing that!
I did sleep pretty well last night Liz and really didn’t want to get up. 6 & 1/2 months-wow! WTG!!
Went to my nieces graduation – nice ceremony but with almost 400 kids very long.
Tomorrow is another busy day!
living life-who knew??