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Hi Guys,
Well I don’t even know where to start. I have such a headache. I’m at one of those PMS moments where I just want to chuck it all and say to h*ll with it.
I shared some of my thread and was accused of violating "whats said in the room stays in the room". I thought sharing things that were said to ME about ME and how I felt about those things would not be off limits. I’ll try to keep this simple and to the point. I feel really bad that I may have in some way "broken the rules". I was told my posts could be interpreted as having a "spy" in the room and my cg reaction is to just quit GA meeting and run.
If you knew me at all you would know I would never jeopardize someone’s recovery by gossiping about them.
I now feel a bit stifled here, like I am no longer able to share whats on my mind. Kind of like the kid in school who is being shunned by the "cool" kids.
I’m at a cross roads.