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Oh the stories I could tell you…..
Like the time the customer at my desk reached over and slapped my manager on the side of his head! He hit him so hard MY ears rang!
I did have a exciting experience at work Wednesday. I have a customers who’s son is an television/movie actor. She brought him in with her and brought him over to meet me. I almost needed an ambulance!
Kidding aside I have had customers who have fallen ill. Had one a couple weeks ago-very confused-who couldn’t find her car. I walked out and helped her. She was wandering around our drive up area and I was afraid she was going to get hit! I did find her car but God help her, I doubt she should have been driving!
Of course there are the cg stories too. The saddest one was the lady who was over drawn crying buckets of tears and swearing she was never going to the casino again. Little did I know that was going to be me a couple of years later.
Well time to get ready for work!