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golden girl

I am a new poster here but when reading this I had to register and reply. Bette, when I banned myself from the boats in Illinois it was for all the boats there..I also banned myself in Missouri and they told me it was effective everywhere, even Illinois. Any boat they are linked to receives your banning request and puts you on their list. I couldn’t believe how intertwinned the boat industry is. It seems they are all connected one way or another. I saw a guy that banned himself in Missouri and can’t even play in Nevada..I am surprised you were able to play at a boat there in the same state without getting caught. Did you get paperwork ? Maybe you should reread it as I was explained everything and that included how I would be banned with any casino in  Mo or any casino linked with a boat in Missouri. They told me the same thing in Illinois. Since almost all casinos have a link to the boats in Illinois and Missouri I can not gamble anywhere..I believe the only places would be at a Indian run casino .
Anyway, If I told you my story you would run not walk away from any casino ..
Hugs..Golden Girl– 4/6/2010 12:35:49 AM: post edited by Golden Girl.