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Hi Guys,
Still home, fwb stopped by and took my mind off of things. Boy, he just doesn’t get it! Said I should be in jail for all the money I stole from credit cards. I told him I stole from myself, my credit and yea, i used up my credit but they gambled when they gave it to me. I never lied about income to get credit and they had the credit reports. Was I wrong, yes! I have no excuse but he smiled like i got away with something.I haven’t, i pay for this mistake every day and always will. I will have to answer to my Maker about this too so u see, I got away with nothing!
After he left my other friend called, well he called when the other one was here but I was busy and couldn’t pickup!
I told him I wanted to go to the casino and asked him to take me. He said don’t waste your money at the casino. I told him to call me back.
I’m still here, I’m not going but I really have been fighting it all day today. Can’t wait to ban, and get new friends! LOL!