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Hi Beattie, let ‘s encourage one another
Don’t start, our brake is faulty
When we start, we cannot stop
We are human not immortal,
we cannot control our thoughts,
they are automatic
There is nothing wrong about thinking and dreaming
Imagine someone with addictive behaviour
who walk into a supermarket and see all thse garbage food everywhere
If the person suddenly feel like acting out or grabbing a few bags of potato chips
It is nothing wrong, you don”t have to blame yourself or feel guilty, it is just a thought
You can think about it
You don’t have to fear it
This too will pass
You can think about it
But you don’t have to do it
When the thought pass
You will not want to do it
I m amaze of this particular one
I called someone on the phone
I told the person I want to act out
After talking to the person, if it still did not work
and I still want to do it
He ask me to delay it for 3 days
If it did not work
Call him before I act it out
3 days later, the day  to act out arrive
but the thought to act out disappear
Usually I don’t need to act it out anymore and I don’t want to do it too
I m not normal, I m belong to that 2 person in a hundred
I m born different, I m wired differently
I have addictive thoughts and behaviours
With better awareness and a recovery program
My chances of survival and having happiness is higher
Beattie, don’t do it
The thought will go away
Don’t listen to this thought
Don’t feed this thought
The pain of a relapse is many times more painful than the pain of staying stop in the beginning.
Gambling only adds to the pain,  
its like a painkiller that numbs the area for a while but …
the  side affects actually make the original pain worse

I must remember to count my blessing

 — 4/10/2010 12:37:12 PM: post edited by KIN.