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Hi Guys,
What an interesting day. I had a customer I had not seen in over two years come into the bank today. He talked to me a while before he realized who I was. He said "You look like a new person," I told him "110lbs makes a difference." He laughed and asked me out to lunch! What a nice guy! Had a good time. And a gentleman too! Opened the car door, restruant door, no question about the check. Refreshing!
My friend who plays the ponies called me at work. Seem he has moved on from the off track betting parlor to online gambling. He has 5 pending tractions and has spent over 1500.00 in the last week. I asked him if he was ready to stop as it seemed his "system" that he told me about didn’t seem to be working. He really didn’t see the humor. I was mean I know but this is the guy who kept asking me "are you sure you’re not going to the boat" and was trying to get me to try playing the horses.
Feeling good today!
bettie– 5/6/2010 12:34:48 AM: post edited by bettie.