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Hi Bettie
Sorry you are having a hard time.  I have lost my best friend so i understand.  He doesnt put in any effort to keep our friendship going so can’t see the point of it always being me, i figure if there is no effort being made on his part he really cant care that much.  I have let go of that a long long friendship and it was really good for the most part so will just remember the good times and try to move forward.  Before i would really try to hold on but i know now it is time to let go.  Life is out there for us Bettie.  You keep saying no no no to that purse too ok, go on chat instead, what a wonderful idea.  It has been a saviour for me many times, this site has been truly amazing.  i am so glad i found it and got to meet people like you Bettie.  See you on chat!
 P – Living and Learning