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Hi Bettie!
Sorry it’s taken so  long to post. I’m just not feeling like it but I know I need to. I am sitting here, Monday evening, watching the cats clean themselves and wondering if it could all be just that simple!  My life is really starting to reap the consequences of my behavior.. I dont know how long I can keep up.
As for your post and your words, well yes it is all so true.. life is really your body and like it says the temple. I hope that you are treating your temple with respect that it so well deserves. Laughing,playing and resting are all part of the respect.
I have trouble with the whole respecting myself and valuing it. From what I understand your health is the most valuable asset you have.. and we as cgs have forgotten that.. I am hoping that someday, just someday I will remember and act on that fact..
Thanks for listening and being there. Everytime I go online I know Bettie will be there and thats a good thing!
I will be here tomorrow night for group hope you will be there too!
 this to shall pass