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Hi Guys,
6:30 am,, the sun is up, the promise of a new day.
I want to thank the weekend chatters-always good to see u all!
I have to clear up my mortgage situtation, they won’t let me pay online because I am so far behind but it should be ok, I am a little nervous.
I did get my $ I was waiting for but It won’t go as far as I had hoped. But one place it won’t go is the casino. Funny, I have been having urges the last few weekends but now that it’s here and I am looking at the debts that must be paid I realize this is all more gambling debt. not that it matters but I guess I should add yet another ten grand to the tally.
Does it ever stop?
I am getting my house in order. My goal? next year when this money comes I will not take a PENNY of it. It will get reinvested into a retirement plan. ( I started to roll this money out 3 years ago. The rule was that once you took some u had to take it all over a 5 year payout so I can’t just stop it, or I would!)
Being responsible, taking charge!
bettieIt’s one thing to know where you want to go-it’s another thing entirely to have the Wisdom to get there….Looking for the Wisdom