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Hi Bettie:
I am sorry to hear about the slip but it is so glad you came right back here. Coming back is not an easy task at all. Been there, done that, and have several t-shirts to prove it. I remember you on chat the other day. I have done the same thing. I have got on group, brought up the urges, got good advice, and as you said, "the greenlight went on." For me, it seem like the more I learn and the more I utilize this site and community, the deeper the remorse is after a relapse or slip.
How far is this casino you went too? You know about my history and how far I have travelled for the fix. All casinos I have been too the last year have been Indian casinos. I have never seeen a sign or advertisment for self banning. I have alwways had to ask security at the help desk But don’t take this as the protocul for each one. To ban from some that I have not banned yet require you to go to a seperate location, such as the individual tribal commission itself or the person who does it works normal day and week hours. The best thing if you plan to ban is to call ahead and find out what the procedure is and so you can plan it out.
I am glad you are here. Two months is something to be very happy about.
One of the best tool I have for my pain is a device called a TENZ unit. They work for some and not so much for others. Mine is an Empi brand which can be kind of expensive. You might find one on ebay or a home health supplier might rent them out after giving propper directions of how to use it. You dont want to put it directly over your spine, major arter, heart, and of course, your brain. It has sure saved me when I have taken meds to the max.
It is good to seey you recovering. Look at your thread since you first came here and you coming right back here shows your tenacity to succeed.
Your friend and brother in arms,