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Hi Guys,
Thanks for the posts! Did ok today, little temptions today but not a trigger day. Still have $$ sitting in my account, trying to figureout how to get the most bills paid. Worked on a budget, helps to see it all on paper. I still have that "just 100.00" thing running in my head but I keep telling myself that would pay my late cell phone bill. I made a "deal’ with myself. I keep telling myself I can’t go and that makes me sad, like a little kid being told no so now I am telling myself i can go gambling when all bills, personal loans, and mtg’s are paid up and $$ is in savings and I have made a trip to see my nieces and my car is running properly. That should carry me into next year!
I really hope that thought carries me through the weekend. I expect tomorrow to be tough. I am a pesamist but thats not always the worse thing, prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Very glad to see 48 hour chat, that should help!
Ok, someone help me with the time change. I am in a central time zone. I think I am 5 hours behind?? Sorry, I have never traveled far and most midwesteners think the world revolves around them and only the rest of the world has an accent. lol!
Salina, I see you as a friend too! I am so glad you feel the same! I find myself wishing I could fly to CA and help you ban! ( yea, because I’m so perfect now, haha!) ( like I’ve banned myself!) I am high on a 5 day no gamble binge! I’m sure I could "fail" at anytime and don’t want to think that way, like a self fulfulling profitcy ( can’t spell, can’t figureout spell check!).
Nancy, thanks for the support! I went to dinner with my brother, had dessert too!(Sorry Salina, bad for the diet!!)
I do need that hobby, any suggestions??