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Originally posted by bettie

Good Morning,
Interesting chat this morning. Wish I stayed in bed. …
… My story is here, feel free to think what ever u want. …
Originally posted by vera

Hi Bettie! Sometimes we can be rubbed up the wrong way in chat. …
Good afternoon Betty,
Without knowing the history of this morning’s chat I still feel like commenting on what I can gather from reading between the lines in your post and the reply of Vera.
First, I would like to thank your for your story and the openness and honestly that you show in sharing it. I think that you have captured the intent and spirit of GT;  their effort in offering a service to us who are adversely affected by gambling. A service that provides an outlet where we can talk about the lives we led, the life we are leading now, the one we want for the future, and how we plan to get there.  You are using this service to the fullest; and even more so by providing help and inspiration for others. That is what I think.
The two remarks quoted above remind me of a couple of my post;  one where I basically apologized in advance for being open and even controversial in my post and in telling my story. I have also mentioned from time to time that my replies and remarks in the Groups are addressed to me as well as the recipient. My main purpose here is to help me stay gambling free and to improve my life for the better; I do not intend to hurt or disagree with anyone in my efforts, but I can not control other’s perception or reactions, nor can I just not participate because of disagreements — I need this interchange to broaden my outlook and strengthen my resolve. 
I also found myself where I felt I was wrong in some remarks, for this I followed the principles of my recovery, and the guidance from my heart, and took fast action to make the amends that I felt were required.  But, like you telling us to think what we want, I can not regulate and fashion my actions around all others and how they may perceive me; I can only react to my mistakes in making any amends.
My recovery and my actions are build around the principles and the Steps Program of GA; even the advice I give and the suggestions I offer to others are based mainly on these principles. However, although I recommend GA, I do try to make it clear that there are other means and programs to follow, that I am only suggesting ways that GA and other providers prescribe, ways that are proven to work in my life and in others who follow their chosen recovery paths.  I guess I am trying to say your thoughts and affiliations with or without GA makes no difference. It is your recovery that counts.
Again, I am only reading between lines, but my reply to what is only my limited findings, is also addressed to me and is intended to help me in my recovery in addition to any good you or others might get from it.
God’s speed. Stay Strong. Keep aware. Be true to yourself. Keep participating in the Forums and in the Chats.

"Day Two Is Another Day Behind" – With the help of a Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT, I will continue to be  gambling free.– 6/24/2010 7:08:50 PM: post edited by paul315.