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Hi Guys,
Yes Kathryn, Robert waved and stuck his head out of the window. He shouted "Hey babe, need a lift??"
Yea right! LOL! I couldn’t tell if he waived or not, side windows tinted and I spotted him through the windshield.
Had a busy day got some cleaning done, never gets finished. My daughter has been bugging me about cutting off all, and I mean All her hair! So what the heck, I cut it like the singer Reanna. Shaved up the back with long bangs in her eyes. It’s cute but quite a shocker. She has been dying it black for about 11 years and wants to go back to her natural ash blonde. Black is impossible to remove so with the short cut ( it was way past her shoulders) we will try to strip it and dye it closer to her natural shade.
Have a great night!