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Hi Guys,
"Another saturday night and i ain’t got no body". What  a silly song. Went to the fireworks with my brother and his daughter, It was very nice. More tomorrow. Decited to throw a last minute get together tomorrow, Invited my mom but she won’t come. Seems she talked to my daughter sometime today about my sister not including her in her plans. I heard her tell my sister, "well, she must have talked to Jennie and i am NOT GOING!"
I haven’t spoken to my daughter at all today. Mom wants me to beg her to come over as she has already made up her mind about what took place. I avoid even talking to my Mom because of stuff like this. I know where my negatitavity comes from. My sister is at her breaking point however she was very Wrong not including mom with what she was doing.
The family dynamic is so hard. My gosh we are so disfunctional! I guess it’s always been this way but I have been escaping from it for years by gambling. I need to face this one head on. My mom is unstable. I can’t make her a better
mom. I can be a better daughter. I should have realized that  she would spend the holiday alone because my sister would not include her in her plans. I had no plans until an hour ago and I did include her but somehow I am now the bad guy!
I’ll have my brother call her after she gets home from Church tomorrow. I know she will be carrying on at her Church how awful her children are. My brother used to have a sticker on his fridge, "The more U complain the longer God lets U live."
My Mom will live to 100, no problem!
I really did want to gamble today, which makes no cense to me. I really distroyed the "credit backup" I had made for myself in case of emergency. I cash advanced the only credit cards I have. ( I did stop carring them but found them in my purse because I had taken them with to the car repair shop and forgot to take them out, BIG DUMMY ME!)Next barrier, cut off all cash advance. It was not much, 300 one card 200 another, but now i have to pay that back.
I wanted to address the new banking laws going into effect in the US on AUG 15th. The banks are trying despertly to get u to "opt in". DON"T FALL FOR IT! They are seeking out accounts that are overdrawn alot and even calling these customers to have them "opt in" so they can continue to charge up to $280 daily in overdraft fees plus additional daily fees after a few days. You don’t have to do anything. BY LAW, you will be automaticly opted OUT on AUg 15, just don’t let them trick you. THEY REALLY DON"T WANT TO LOOSE THE FEES U PAY THEM> I KNOW THIS FIRST HAND!
Some good news, I just got a call from my "friend’. He said you didn’t sound too good when I talked to you Thursday ( I called him crying on the phone when I left the casino). He just wanted to know how I was. Now you might be thinking "big deal". Well for him, it is!
My brother thinks the brakes are good for at least another 20-30,000 miles. He also rotated my tires and the "SHAKE" in the front seems better. Mind you, the shop was trying to get me for over $1000 in repairs. He is ordering tune up parts, trying to figure out why it runs rough (misses) under a load but stops when you back off the gas. (OH yea, you may not know I am a hairdresser and tomboy! lol!)
Well, I had my lazy day of rest and need to get up and pick up this mess for tomorrow.
Thanks for being my friends!
ps K, you’re getting as smart as Larry!