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Hi Guys!
Oh my BACK! I couldn’t dream of putting on pantyhose and a skirt, my usual attire esp. when it it is 90 outside. Took me 1/2 hour to dress, sweat and tears pouring down my face! Took a pair of sox and had one of the gals put them on my feet when i got to work. I couldn’t stay home today or I would have lost my holiday pay. Called chiro and they got me in right away so i took my lunch break early and went.
I got relief, Thank U Jesus, and was finally able to walk upright. Told Dr, about the sox and he chuckled. I looked at him funny and he said I must have had trouble doing other things. Light bulb moment, "Yea Doc, I couldn’t wipe my butt!"
They fixed my door. They put tape on it! I thought it would have atleast been boarded up by now.They are inviting a lawsuit if that glass flys when it falls out!
Starting to storm. Hope to be on the chat later!
Gamble free, thats a good feeling!