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Woke up in a mood this morning!
Called my friend last night to wish him a happy birthday. He saw me at work on tuesday, wanted to know why I wasn’t taking care of my self anymore. "You’ve really put on weight since you stopped going to the casino." I told him my back hurt so bad I could barely walk much less worry about makeup and doing my hair. "But you aren’t working out, it really shows." I tryed to explain even attempting to workout could futher dammage my back and that I have an appointment with the female Chrio for an assestment and a safe workout plan next week when the back calms down. Well, he had two more calls to make but he would call me back. He never called back.
Well, at least he mentioned the gambling free time. What an *ss!
I had a dream about an old boyfriend last night. He came to visit me but another girl horned in on our time and took him away from me. I think that is what happened with him in real life but that was 31 years ago. I feel so fat, ugly and unlovable!
Back is stiff, took the last of the vicoden. I need to clean and am afraid to move out of this chair!
Have to admit 1/2 of me wants to gamble after the chrio appt, the other 1/2 wants to go and ban.
I am defeated today already and it’s only 5:45 am. Maybe I should go back to bed and start over!
bettieIt’s one thing to know where you want to go-it’s another thing entirely to have the Wisdom to get there….Looking for the Wisdom