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Hi Guys,
The good, the bad, and the ugly! My life of late. I managed a 2 mile workout, nothing earth shattering, back was ok but pain in my thigh stopped me and made me take little brakes. My niece came over and I did her hair for the photos. Wanted to walk to the store but the leg is acting funny, hurting on and off. Decited to drive to the store.
I was going to call my daughter and phone rang, it was her. She was asking for directions to the beach. I told her funny, we went for a little yesterday to try out the car repair. "Oh, and u didn’t call me?" Told her no, last minute and I knew she was with her boyfriend. I gave her directions and said I wouldn’t mind going. "Well, u went without me yesterday, and it’s just me and Chris (bf)." I just said oh.
I look back and try to pin point the start of the compulsive gambling. It’s the lonelyness i think more than anything. Today is a prime example. Everyone has something to do. My tasks are done. I have no place to go that I wish to go alone. Gambling was the perfect escape for a day like today.
I hate feeling like this, unwanted, unwelcomed and unloved. Is this depression, hormones, pms?? Withdrawl??
Need to shake this off and move on!
ps lost my brother 8 years ago today. Maybe thats making me a little over sensitive today.– 7/11/2010 8:08:09 PM: post edited by bettie.