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Hi Guys,
Just checking in. Went on the chat, good to see u all. Hope to be on the one tomorrow (9 pm for me).
My medical records are becoming public knowledge! Back good, leg is having sharp pains now. Pinched nerve? thats Dr Laura’s diganois! I see chrio after work so we’ll see!
Funny, now I feel like working out and can’t! Took a dip in the pool. Not alot of real swimming but I did work the leg under the water. Felt fine. Climbed out of the pool and "WAM-OUCH!  Limped home!
Called my Mom to plan a trip down state to see my nieces, my deceased brothers girls. We will go at the end of August as the state fair is underway and I haven’t gone in years. ( Last time i weighted 300 lbs and it was 100 degrees out there, didn’t last long!) I do believe the car is finally in good enough shape for the trip! Yea! Did I tell u i had a wonderful big brother?? $40 dollar fix, it’s running smooth, like it should!
Talked to my sister today, we talked about my deceased brother. Both in tears but I felt better. Somehow I just felt like no one really cared enough to remember him yesterday. I was wrong, as usual!
Urges tonight. Why? No reason. they passed. Did get the phone number for the counceling services avalable through my job. Now I just need to make the call.