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Hi Guys,
What a day, I am pooped!
Had my semi annual review today-what a joke!
My coworker was back from vacation today. He took a customer at 9:15 am. My boss sat in his office, reading his news paper. At about 10:30 he shoots me an e mail to say that the lobby is backed up and can I move my customer along.
He was busy working on reviews and couldn’t take a customer! Mind you, I had already taken 3 customers and was only with this one 5 minutes when he sent that! I was P*SSED! I proceded to take an additional 8 customers while my coworker STILL had the same customer from 9:15am! NOTHING was said to him-he’s the golden boy and takes as much time as he wants while I am stuck making 0 towards my goals taking all the service customers.
So it’s afternoon and time for my review. He proceeds to tell my how i am 111% for the 1st Quarter and 115% for the 2nd quarter. ( never mind that the goal was raised 10% so really I was 25% above the first quarter!) While I have made some improvement I still had quite a way to go as I could be exceeding my goals by much more.
Enough, what ever, i signed off on it then asked him,"Is this the time I tell you I am looking for a different position?"
He’s like, "are u kidding?" "No, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time as it is very defeating to make goals just to have them pushed out of reach. I am finding this position just too stressful with the pressure to sell sell sell and I will NOT put customers into accounts that they don’t need in order to make a goal, thats just not me."
"I can’t believe you want to move now. You are doing so well."
"That is the time to move ( mr x), as you can’t move while on probation. In all my career I have never had unsatasfactory reviews and write ups, until now."
He said he would speak to the regional about the goal and what was going on.
I told him I wanted to let him know so he wouldn’t hear it second hand.
I just can’t do this job anymore. I am burnt out and it sickens me to see all the cheaters rewarded for opening high value accounts with low balances to get better credit and placing waivers on so the customer doesn’t get charged, at least for a while. Then when they get charged I seem to get stuck trying to resolve their problems. When a company opens 7000 accounts in a quarter and closes out 9000 what does that tell you? Customer are getting jerked around and tired of it.
Sorry if that rambles but I just had to vent!