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Hi Guys,
Vera, u are such a funny girl!
I was on the chat 2x yesterday, went thrift shopping with my friend, another friend called and stopped by for a hair cut. He said "see, i even let you cut my hair, i trust you." "Really? such a pleasure for me! Not like work at all." Always better to have hairdresser friends then be a hairdresser! LOL! Oh well, i don’t mind, most friends pay me but I don’t like to ask. Those that don’t usually have some kind of trade off.
I spent a couple of hours on the phone with Jules, good therapy for both of us.
I did work around those urges but not easy. 29 days today, and GA tonight so my 30 days is assured!
Thanks to everyone who posted, you really did help me through!
See u on the weekend chat!