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Morning all!
Wish I was in bed asleep but I have to get ready for work. They are having a picknic after work and I can’t get out of it so I have to go.
Went to GA last night. I guess thay work a step a month in the meeting. We looked at step 8 , list those your gambling has harmed and be willing to make amends. This one is tough, and I guess they all will be, but thought provoking. I know part of my gambling is due to my abandoment issues. They left home, left town, etc. I used them as an excuse (blaming) to gamble but "harm" them? I’m not so sure. I never stole $$ to gamble. I did borrow to cover debt but have repaid all loans. I did steal from myself and abused my credit cards, In that sence I stole, but unless i win the lotto, which won’t happen because i don’t gamble anymore, I couldn’t possibly repay that debt.
Oh well, I’m no where near that step so i will put it on the back burner, and cross that bridge when i get there.
got to get ready for work. Catch u all later!