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Well guys, must be a theme running here.
Got a phone call from an old boyfriend today. He had emailed me yesterday as he basicly demanded that I do him a favor and pick up some chewing tobacco , 3 bags, and bring them to him, and to call him as soon as I got the email.
To heck with that. I hit the delete button. He calls on my cell, while I was at work, and leaves a massage. Uh Bettie, this is xxxx, i don’t know if you picked up your email but I requested that u call me when u got it. I’ve made arrangements to go out tomorrow and pick my stuff up myself, so you don’t need to be bothered.
I called him back on my lunch hour. He wouldn’t pick up. I left him a message. Hi XXX this is bettie. You called me at work, on my cell. I had a customer and couldn’t pick up. No, I didn’t get your email. I was out all day yesterday. Sorry that  couldn’t do you a favor in a timely mannor.
What a jerk! I here from him when he wants something. I think back to the years we were together and man, he’s never done a thing to inconvience himself for me. The last time I saw him he was so rude to me I stayed about 10 minutes and left. He calls when he wants $$, wants food, want "companionship". When has he ever called me to watch a movie, share a meal ( That I didn’t bring or cook ), or just to shoot the breese.
I am sick of these people. I guess i will spend even more time alone so I better learn to like me! lol!