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Hi Bettie:
I am a Christian. Whether I am good or not is up to God and others perceptions I guess. From my faith and point of view, we all fall short and all sinners. Christ did not come to save the saved, he came to save the lost. More than likely you will find this lady has a lot in common with you and is growing daily just like you.
I am not bragging, but my faith could have been broken a long time ago. But in an odd way, I know God and Jesus have been right beside me the whole time. They give me free will to follow them or to turn and seek my own ways of the flesh. What a merciful God we have to love a wretch like me.
The bible is full of people who made mistakes. Look at King David. He lusted after another man’s wife, laid with her, got her pregnant, and then had her husband, who was faithul to the king, murdered. David payed dearly for the consequences of his sin never went away. But he confessed and repented and God took care of him.
I highyly doubt this lady will be judemental of you. In fact, she will probably relate to you more than you think. If you have ever prayed to God and Jesus, I assure you you will get an answer my friend. Pehaps this is one resource he is sending you with his love.
To my friend who accepts me the way I am as I do her,
God Bless,