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Hi Guys,
Larry hit the nail on the head. The  "Christian" part is not the problem, the lady part is.
As far as Christainty is concerned I really relate to Job, but must conceed he had it a lot worse than me!
I really need to seek out some one on one therapy to sort out my self esteem issues. Someone on the chat today was talking about their "fat" niece and it really brought up some awful childhood memories of the ridicule I endured that tore me to pieces. The world is free to make fun of the obease, It’s the "last taboo". You would never walk up to someone of a different race and make a comment but it’s ok to say something to an overweight person. Just as non gamblers do not understand cg’s, a lot of thin people are clueless when it comes to the pain they inflict by harsh words and "teasing’, esp a child. Trust me, no matter how good your intentions are It is torment to that person. I had a teacher who would pull me and my overweight friend off the playground and make us go weigh ourselves in a coat closet then lecture us about how we didn’t fit in and that all we needed was to push our selves away from the table a little hungry and we would be fine. (She was a Nun, by the way.) Did she think the kids outside laughing their heads off accepted us any better after that??
If you can’t be safe from the adults in your family not to hurt you where do you turn? Maybe you become a fat compulsive gambler later in life, who knows?
G, Larry and Cully, thank u for your thoughtful posts
just venting, I’ll be fine!