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Hey Bettie,
I did nothing over the weekend.  Couldn’t even spend much time on weekend chat.  I’m ready for a good spell!
I can relate to a lot of what you said.  I am the same at work.  Which is putting my job at risk even because I’m having a hard time making standards right now.
Thank-you for your honesty Bettie.  This thread is for you first and foremost but it does speak to the rest of us as well.  It seems when we stop gambling for a while we start to deal with the reasons why we gambled.  I’m glad you are here with us, sharing your wit and your thoughts, while you work things out.  Sounds like you are doing some relationship purging.  Out with the jerks!   We all know you deserve better.  Hope Bettie is realizing it too 🙂
talk soon Bettie, my typing limit is up!
take care, laura