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Hi Salina, Hi guys!
S, I did talk to my daughter. She said, Oh Mom, you know I was just playing with you! I told her I am walking a very fine line here and little things really bring me down. The CG fight,the money, the ex "friend with benifits", it’s all a little bit too much for me right now. It’s not funny when you had all the credit in the world and could pick up a tab any time you felt like it. I’m not used to being in this position and I’ve not got my usual sense of humor right now.
I hate being broke but I did this! I have to laugh because the casino I went to is in bankrupcy too! With all my money I just don’t see how! LOL!
Gonna catch somes posts. Called an old boyfriend and have a "maybe" date tomorrow. He is a truck driver and is gone alot. He’s good for a steak dinner and some laughs. We are more like real friends, at least he likes to show me off in public, not like the other one. Wish the weather was better, he has a great motorcycle and I love to ride! I almost fell asleep the last time we were riding. The way the seat is you can’t really fall off! That sounds so relaxing and fun right now! I could really use some fun!